"Bloom where you are planted."

A grove is a place where many different plants, bearing different fruits,

having different abilities and talents, all grow together.

They may not all grow the same way or follow the same timeline,

but they are cared for nonetheless.

The youth staff want to serve as the nurturing forces that help our students bloom & grow in their faith and become the best

Christian version of themselves.

Our Sunday night meetings are focused on fostering fellowship. We plan fun activities that allow our youth to shine in their own unique ways—to bloom, if you will.

Our Wednesday night meetings are focused on Bible studies intended to help them grow in their faith. 


SUNDAY MORNING: Sundays at 9:30am - Room 209

Sunday morning is a time for learning. During Sunday school, Youth will be learning how to apply the Bible to their daily life as a map to navigate decisions as a teenager. We will also highlight the United Methodist Confirmation information, which is great information for everyone to take time to review, or learn for the first time.


NEW EDEN (Youth Band): Sundays at 3:30pm - Crossroads

Everyone is welcome to join us on Sunday afternoons at 3:30pm to jam out and learn everything about being in a worship band-musicians and technicians! The youth band will start providing live worship time for youth meetings soon. New Eden will also have opportunities to play during the Contemporary Worship Service on Sundays throughout the year. 


BLOOM: Sundays at 4:30pm - Youth Lounge

Sunday evenings is a time for games, team building, and getting to know each other.

It is a great time to hangout, meet new friends, and invite new friends to join the fun.


GROW: Wednesdays from 6:00pm-8:00pm - Youth Lounge

6th-8th Grade 6pm, Snack Supper 6:45pm, & 9th-12th Grade 7pm.

This is a time of devotion that Jr. High and Sr. High has their own time to discuss the Bible, learn from each other, and help each other navigate unique situations that each group faces daily.



Much like a Baptism, Confirmation is when members of the Church, who have been taught in the United Methodist beliefs, affirm their vows and dedication to the Church. It is a public expression of their faith devotion. Youth will be given the opportunity to take the confirmation class and upon completion, be confirmed in the United Methodist Church. 

More information about United Methodist Confirmation can be found here:



Make sure you join the FUMC Youth - Natchitoches Facebook group for posts and announcements.

You can also text "YOUTH" to 318-333-3141 

to stay up to date on youth acitivities!

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